Pfilmhaus 12

Pfilmhaus Lofts

Downtown Edwardsville, IL

Previously known as the Metcalf Building, located on Main Street in downtown Edwardsville.  The building was originally built as a theatre for live performances and as it was repurposed into retail space over the years.  Much of its charm was hidden from  plain view.  We added an additional floor in the tall seating area and three levels to what was the flyloft.  The flyloft was a tower that allowed for the stage props and curtains to be raised and lowered.  A space that for decades when unused, now has two residential units with great city views.  Little known to most it was purposely built at a slight skew to align with Main Street and neighboring buildings when originally constructed.    


This project underwent a complete renovation that mixes modern updates and original features such as steel structures, large windows, and exposed brick.  This is one of the greatest examples of urban renewal development. The project was an extreme challenge for logistics and building, and certainly one of the most satisfying to accomplish.This building houses 6 suite apartments and 7 commercial spaces from boutique size to large spaces for your business needs. We worked with Henderson Associates Architects on this project.

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