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Gori Realtors

212 St Louis St, Edwardsville, IL

As this real estate firm expanded, they needed a space that represented their trendy style.  The building previously housed a barber shop and was worn from years of use.  Working closely with the structural engineer, we placed new concrete floor over the existing floor but, re-supported the wood framed floor. This allowed the floors to be polished concrete with an open plan including two glass overhead garage doors that open to patio space behind the building.  The new office is a modern space filled with glass, metal, and wood elements.  We also handcrafted much of the furniture, desks, and conference tables for this space.  We worked with Hurford Architects on this project.

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Marks Appliance

After inspecting this former lumberyard building, we developed a concept for reuse that included exposed structure, lifting the center roof to incorporate clerestory windows, and

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The Leverette condos, located near downtown Edwardsville, are a new development that was built on an infill lot.  This new construction consists of an exposed structure,

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